Masters of Motion Logistics is a trucking transportation and logistics company that specializes in providing transportation solutions to connect people, products, and providers all across the United States. We specialized in dispatching and brokering various types of trucking freight with fast and friendly service. We handle all back office needs for our drivers, anything from factoring to IFTA, insurance, pilot car, etc.

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Intermodal Freight

We have intermodal trucking capabilities that handle multi-load projects, giving our customers the freedom to run the manufacturing process according to their own schedule. We can transfer products that are transported in a container by a variety of vehicles or move freight by two or more modes of transportation.

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Air Freight

Air freight is faster than any other shipping option. We offer reliable and hassle-free air freight with flexible delivery speeds and service options that will guarantee you solutions for all your logistics needs. With our air freight service, we can deliver your cargo to various locations in the quickest time possible. 

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Transporting the entire container is easy. We specialize in the movement of containerized shipments to distribution centers or any critical link between your supply chain without needing warehousing. Our service can be utilized for the logistics of transporting freight over small distances. Call for our drayage to ensure that containerized freight moves across locations affordably and efficiently.

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Do you need to transport perishable goods to the market? You’ll need a refrigerated transport that moves shipments using specially designed temperature-controlled containers or trucks. We offer services that include the use of reefer equipment as necessary in your situation. We will make sure that they are preserved in the condition they came in throughout the transport.

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Dry Van

We assist you with all of your dry van transport and trucking needs. We have semi-truck trailers that are fully enclosed to protect your non-perishable shipment from the elements. Dry vans are ideal for shipping cargo that is vulnerable to poor weather conditions. Our company has the capacity to meet your LTL and full truckload shipment needs.

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Team Loads

We can lighten your cargo in many ways. Team load trucking gets your loads to where it needs to go. Team load drivers are a pair of commercially licensed drivers that together handle the transportation of a single shipment with ease. We handle the dispatch, loading, hauling, and delivery of many loads using an efficient and expedited team service.

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Just in Time Freight

We take pride in solving most problems before they start. Our technology alerts our fleet managers of bottlenecks en route and dynamically reroutes our truckload drivers to avoid them. We do everything possible to avoid delays. This way, we’ll get your loads delivered safely, securely, and on time.

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Truck Freight

Masters of Motion, M.O.M is what we are known for, offers several freight opportunities that cover your trucking needs. The line of freight in which we offer is as follows:

  • Intermodal Freight Shipping,
  • Reefer or refrigerated trucking,
  • Dry Van’s 48-53 feet and Flat Beds.
  • Hazmat Shipping and much more…

We’ve got your trucking needs covered here at Masters of Motion Logistics!

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Nationwide Dispatch

Masters of Motion, (MOM), specializes in freight dispatching for the trucking industry. Satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to deliver the best dispatch service in the industry. Our modern technology and knowledge of the transportation industry will give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Receive a personalized experience with MOM. We are your reliable business partner, planning your loads and dispatching your trucks to save you time and optimize your revenue potential. We also successfully negotiate top rates from brokers and/or shippers on your behalf. Your personal dispatcher will find the right loads for you based on the criteria you have set and keep you loaded and rolling.

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Freight Factoring

M.O.M., not only will provide immediate cash flow but also back office support for our drivers! When you consider time spent on the road and all it takes to run your Truck, you can’t afford to wait the 30-60 days to get paid on your invoices. Let us make sure your money ???? is deposited on time!

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Freight Brokerage

Masters of Motion Logistics, (MOM), has the experienced team, network, and equipment to get your freight shipped on time and at a fair price with our freight brokerage services. Whether you’re a customer, carrier, shipper, consignee, or anyone in between, we want you to feel like our number one priority.

You have many choices when it comes to transportation, but you need access to the largest transportation networks in the United States. MOM offers more flexibility and as many choices as possible when scheduling your shipments. Our services include:

  • Largest contracted pool of motor capacity in North America, with access to more than one million pieces of equipment.
  • Flexible solutions, from a single truckload to your entire supply chain.
  • 24/7 personal commitment to your business.
  • Track and trace every shipment.
  • Assist shippers with private fleets, making better use of their capacity.
  • Specialty in transporting high-value freight.
  • Local, regional and long-haul trucking, freight brokerage service, and winter freight shipping.

When it comes to your shipping needs, You Can Trust MOM To Get You Where You’re Going!

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IFTA Training

We specialize in the integration of all transportation and logistics functions by teaching you ways to simplify how you can get your fair share of fuel use taxes. Our expert team can simplify how truckers and trucking companies pay their fuel taxes. With our help, you can accelerate your delivery time, tighten control of the supply chain, and reduce costs in transportation, inventory, and order fulfillment.

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Hazmat Shipping

If your freight falls within a hazardous class of loads, you’ll require hazmat shipping services. We’re a nationally recognized logistics company that puts safety first. You can find custom crating solutions and packaging plans for hazardous materials with us. We are trained and certified to ship hazardous materials when you need them. 

Contact us now for all your shipping needs.